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Black and White Beauty

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Learn to love it and you will forever. (:

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I want to change my avatar into something that represents me more, and to keep as a more constant avatar instead of changing it periodically. Know any good artist who I could commission/request it from? 

6 deviants said No, I'm sorry, but good luck with it. (:
4 deviants said Sure, and I'll let you know in the comments!
2 deviants said Other. (comments are your friend)


Stamps make me happy.

I even divided these into sections. :dummy:

You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps Rain Stamp by Stamp221 Stamp - I love singing alone by BlueHunter I Heart Purple by webgoddess Stamp: i love blue by flyingdown2011 I Support Silliness Stamp. by miss-strychnine Stamp: Kindness by delusional-dreams I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAI Your Smile... by aternity Violent Stamp by Keiko-Koga anime stamp by darkyivy DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphics Hobbit at Heart by eniap .Sleep stamp. by rydi1689 I like trains. by bigfunkychiken


:MtG: Artifact Stamp by Valros Final Fantasy Stamp by Death-Summoner I heart HORROR games by RebiValeska Bioshock Stamp by Alcamin Ayane Stamp by neobunny Mortal Kombat stamp by Metadream i love tomb raider games by lucianag GTA: Vice City Stamp by NerdXV MGS Fan Stamp by Busiris monster hunter stamp by Xeno-striker Piggy Stamp by Tippy-The-Bunny Albedo Stamp by Mocha-Rush Xenosaga by IceVallejo Tenchu stamp by Llingy


joe black stamp by birdie94 Stamp - Iron Hugs by Isilrina voldemort by lauren-lovebites Monster's Inc. Stamp: ... by XxoOjunefoxOoxX Mulan by ThimbleBostitch The Dark Knight-Joker stamp by Deezmo LOTR - Wander by Jenna-Rose


Spawn Stamp by MR-PHiLL Witchblade Stamp by Notaku Got Geass? - Lelouch Stamp by DGrayAlchemist Orange-kun by cullencrazay NERV Stamp by HeruNoTenchi Absolute Boyfriend Stamp by BanXiao GITS SAC by skinnyveestamp Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann by Kurasii Lucky Star Dance Stamp... by Sheepio Maria Holic stamp by Nami-DA Imagination stamp by NamiYami One Piece Strawhats Stamp by Zocho Cute Face L + Stamp Death Note by Ludra-Jenova Exalibur Dance Stamp by AlClair Tieria Erde - Stamp by Valandill G00 Fan Stamp by Nawamane Stamp - Gundam SEED: Lacus 2 by Emiliers


The Original Trio Stamp by nakashimariku Sigur Ros Stamp by Ko-omote Jonsi Stamp by iamadem Explosions in the Sky Stamp by rynald Sara Bareilles Stamp. by mylittlebluesky Classical music stamp by Tollerka Music Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Porcupine Tree stamp by kurokimashin - I Listen To Post-Rock - by AbXorb Film Score Stamp by rushpoint stamp - Fabrizio De Andre' by pallottili Samuel -Subsonica- stamp by HtB-stamps

July Prompt: The Less Appropriate Time

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 7, 2014, 7:11 AM

Last month's prompt, Fear of the Planet, had six entries! Here they are:
Reflection Upon FearI've searched for the arbitrary,
Found places abandoned to a plague,
Under restoration yet unrestored:
Awl-marks tagged for eternity,
Fresh rage scored the plaster,
Hastily-painted mural of Christ
Marred upon the stone façade,
The scaffolding’s chain of pipes
And planks were
Dark with soot, vacated.
Some things in us that we can't see
Are narrow, dead ends from pillar
To post, soundlessly guiding where
We shouldn't be led.
He who grabs and demands an open hand
From which to stand again
May stand, higher even,
On other men.
Dust particles poised to curse us,
We cannot cure the condition of "versus".
Children play kick-the-can
With a dented censer;
I watch them battle with each kick, a
Fresh perfume of cinders.
  Full Circle“Can’t you go on your own?” 
“That’s not the point, James.  You’ve got to get used to the way things are now; I know it’s tough, but it’ll only get harder the longer you wait, and it’s already been months.
This argument was nothing new, but Adam doubted he’d ever get used to it.  Ever since the Surveillance Revolution ended in Canada, a new, exasperating paranoia had taken hold of some of the more fragile youth: they were afraid to be out of sight.  Before the Pan-American Surveillance Agency was dissolved, their main line of propaganda defense had been to assure the public that their programs were in everyone’s best interest: because how else could they catch the bad guys?  They didn’t catch them, of course.  Not really.  Not the valuable ones.  But when you’re young and Stranger Danger feels as real as ever, the idea of having somebody always watching your back was co
  planetscattered in techruined
carry memoirs of an idea;
a belief
that gave rise to empires,
built on nothing but paper
and dreams
and gold.
countless searchours:
they will soon find me.
i, unlike dust,
cannot scatter in the wind.
  Fear of the planetHe lives behind drawn curtains, losing his mind between a locked door
and barred windows, he hasn’t seen the sun in years, hoping – wishing –
praying that the world has somehow stopped spinning in circles,
that the nuclear warheads he is sure are screaming beneath the floor boards
have rotted away, that they aren’t going to de-de-detonate
and he bites his nails down to red stubs, hoping – wishing-
praying that he won’t scratch off his skin convinced a monster
lurks between the pages of paper skin, that the drone of the pylons has
been unplugged so that he can close his eyes without seeing
burning metal melting through the walls
and he has blunted every knife, taped every door shut, disconnected the telephone
hoping – wishing – praying that the world outside is dead, that he is dead
that he can just stop thinking;
that he can stop seeing floods cascade from the sink, towering flames from the hob,
lightning arching from the satellite dish t
  Night watch“You see, Master Ben – sometimes thieves dress up in gentlemen’s clothes,” Kneebone said. The candle flame flickered at every word and I found myself staring at it, please do not go off please.
“You’re blowing on the candle...” I clamped my mouth shut; my fingers left their clammy spot on the butt of the carbine to tug at the neckcloth’s knot.
“They rent a couch and four and borrow fine clothes, livery for ten men passing off as servants, and ride in. Just ride in. None would dare stop ‘em at the gate. You see, Master Ben, some thieves behave like gentlemen, too, so it’s fickle to tell. For us it is, at least.” Kneebone smiled from the side of his mouth the pirates’ cutlasses had spared.
I turned away, to the stairs that unfolded before my shoes and plunged into the darkness of the lower storey. My legs were wrapped in an old pair of military gaiters; they ill-fitted my thin calves, the skin sweated and itche
  JournalDear Journal, or Doctor, or myself in the future?
The time now is about three o'clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, the 14th of July. The weather outside is sunny, though the morning was rather cloudy. I'm not entirely sure how this works, or what it's supposed to sound like, but Dr. Eckstein did say I should keep a journal of my day-to-day thoughts, it is. If you are reading this Doc, this feels stupid. If anyone else is reading this, please delete these files immediately.
At 9:00AM, I was awoken by my alarm clock. Got up and out of bed. Went to the kitchen for breakfast.
Looked out the window and saw that the sky was grey. I thought I heard that it would be sun all day, so I had expected to stay in as usual today. Figured today would be a good of  a day as any to try it again since the sun wasn't out...but not yet.
Bowl...check. Milk...check. Spoon...check. Medicine...check. I washed the bowl out first. I was concerned at first since I thought I had run out of bottled w

The 100 points will be awarded to abunai59, thanks all for participating and I hope you'll like the next prompt also. :heart:

The tiny little bit of inspiration

Sometimes the thoughts in my head get so bored they go out for a stroll through my mouth. This is a rarely a good thing...

The Prompt

Someone has a terrible bout of word vomit at the least appropriate time, like a fart in church. Just, one that never ends... Perhaps they've had a great realization, or they've recently entered into a crisis, or they're just beyond one? Some people don't realise they're speaking out loud until it's too late, sometimes, and that never ends very well. Write about it, but not in first person!

Prose should be between 55 and 1000 words (sounds familiar? :P Viva FFM!), poetry 50 lines maximum. (:

Want some harder challenges? Served!

:bulletred: this person with word vomit, for some reason or another, is talking like they are from a different time in history (or, perhaps, the future), but they're not. Why are they speaking that way? The reason is important to your storyline.

the person with word vomit doesn't actually exist, and they've just realized they don't exist. The ultimate existential crisis. And paradox. How will you make it fit into the story?

Prizes and chat events

As always, 100 points will go to a random participant, so get your writing done! :D

The chat events will be held on Sunday, 20th August and will aim to help you write from our prompt, get critiques, get to know the admins a bit better and in general have tons of fun! You should all come.

First chat will be held at 9AM UTC/GMT time, on Sunday the 20th, if you don't know what time that is for you just click HERE and the useful time converter will do it for you! 

Second chat will be held at at 7PM UTC/GMT, on Sunday the 20th, if you don't know what time that is for you just click HERE and find out.

The chatroom is >> HERE << 

When you have written your prompt, submit it and mention in your Artist's comments which Prompt you wrote it after. Then send us a note with the link to your deviation and we'll include it in our prompts folder.

Not enough for you?

July is FLASH FICTION MONTH, just saying. :P


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